The car air conditioner is not cool, look at your air conditioner refrigerant

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The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the frequency of use of car air conditioners is getting higher and higher. The reason why car air conditioners can bring coolness is mainly because there is something called car air conditioner refrigerant. If you want the air conditioner to blow out comfortable and cool air In addition to cleaning the air-conditioning system regularly, the air-conditioning refrigerant must also be replaced. If the air conditioner refrigerant is not replaced for a long time, the air conditioner will have poor cooling.

How to judge whether the air conditioner refrigerant needs to be replaced

1. Try

After the car air conditioner is turned on for a period of time, the wind blowing on the body feels cool and can quickly reach the set temperature, and the compressor is working intermittently, which means that the car air conditioner is normal and does not need to be replaced Refrigerant.

2. Measure

Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the air inlet and outlet of the air conditioner. If the temperature difference is above 8 degrees, it is normal. Of course, the greater the temperature difference, the better the working condition of the air conditioner, and if the temperature difference is lower than 8 degrees, it is necessary to add refrigerant.

3. Look

After turning on the air conditioner for more than ten minutes, open the air conditioner panel in the compartment, and you should be able to see that the components on the evaporation copper pipe that alternately cool and heat are covered with condensed water. If there is no half of the components, there may be a lack of refrigerant.

4. Observe

For automobile air conditioners that have been used for more than half a year, check whether there is any oil leakage at the pipe joints of the indoor unit and the valve of the outdoor unit. If there are obvious signs of oil leakage, it means that oil and fluorine are miscible.

Under normal circumstances, adding refrigerant once can last for 3 to 5 years. It is best to use original refrigerant for air conditioning, which can better protect the compressor.

Types of Refrigerants for Automobile Air Conditioning

Freon 12: Its physical property is a colorless, odorless, transparent, almost non-toxic refrigerant. If 80% of it is contained in the atmosphere, it will suffocate people. It will not burn or explode, but it can decompose harmful substances such as hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and phosgene. There are still a lot of organic matter inside him, so the sealing industry cannot use it.

Freon 22: Its toxicity is stronger than the previous one, but it can fuse with some media. However, he will change as the temperature changes, so oil return measures must be taken during use.

R410A: It is the latest environmentally friendly refrigerant and is often used in air-conditioning systems. It is also recognized as the best refrigerant by the country, and it replaces any previous refrigerant medium. Thereby, the function of the air conditioner in terms of performance is also improved, and the ozone is also protected.

Air-conditioning refrigerant filling knowledge

When refilling, be sure to add a little bit slowly, let the air conditioner run for about 10 minutes, and then measure the pressure and current. If it is unavoidable, add it in batches. If the pressure and current at that time are not used as the standard, it may have been added too much. When adding fluoride in winter, the coil of the four-way valve can be disconnected, or the indoor temperature sensing head can be artificially reached to a temperature capable of cooling to start cooling. Sometimes it is also possible to let the air conditioner run in the dehumidification mode, which does not require very high temperature. The general filling method is divided into low-pressure filling and static filling. The specific filling process needs professional equipment for support, so it cannot be added by itself.

One wrong operation is filling directly without vacuuming. Some repair shops will directly discharge the residual refrigerant in the car air conditioner, and then directly fill the refrigerant with the meter group, use the pressure in the refrigerant tank to inject the refrigerant into the air conditioning system, and at the same time press out the air in the system, so that It is very wrong to do. Because this does not ensure that the air in the air conditioning system is completely exhausted, and the residual air in the air conditioning system can lead to the following adverse consequences: 1. Insufficient refrigerant filling, because the existence of air will naturally occupy a part of the space, and the air will not be pumped directly Filling, the system pressure may be too high when the refrigerant filling is not completed, and the remaining refrigerant cannot be added to the air conditioner; 2. Excess air left in the system will reduce the power of the air conditioner and reduce the cooling effect. Because part of the compression of the compressor is air that has no cooling effect, this leads to an increase in engine load. Therefore, be sure to perform vacuuming before adding refrigerant.

The air conditioner is indispensable for driving in summer. If the air conditioner in your car breaks down during summer use, it may be annoying. For your own coolness and for the service life of your car, please check and maintain the air conditioner of your car in advance.