The refrigeration of automobile air conditioners is getting worse and worse, and the odor is strong. These 7 reasons are clear!

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Recently, our platform master has been saying that the platform air conditioner orders are too busy! Thinking about it, the weather is getting hotter, and many car masters have already started to tidy up their air conditioners to prepare for the summer.

The poor cooling effect of the car air conditioner and the strong odor of the car air conditioner should be the core problems that many car owners trouble everyone every year. In addition to the failure of the car air conditioner, these two problems are sometimes caused by people not using the air conditioner.

So, bookmark this article in advance, let's fix the air conditioner without asking for help!

01. The amount of refrigerant in the air conditioner is insufficient

Refrigerant is a medium capable of absorbing heat, and only when there is enough refrigerant in the car air-conditioning system can it effectively take away heat to achieve the purpose of reducing the internal temperature of the car.

If the refrigerant content in the system is not enough due to long-term use, no regular addition or pipeline leakage, air mixing, etc., it will not be able to absorb enough heat, and it will not be able to effectively reduce the temperature inside the car, which will cause Insufficient cooling.

Refrigerant in air conditioner

How to judge whether there is a lack of refrigerant?

The easiest way is to use a small flat-head screwdriver to press the closed core of the low-pressure refrigerant filling port of the air conditioner, which is similar to the tire valve core, and check whether there is mist refrigerant sprayed out. If the mist-like pressure is relatively high, it means that the refrigerant is No shortage, otherwise, the lack of refrigerant.

02. The refrigerant pipeline in the air conditioner is blocked

In the automobile air conditioning system, there are many pipeline connections between the condenser and the evaporator, and a large amount of refrigerant flows in these pipelines.

If some part of these lines is blocked by small debris, the flow of refrigerant will be blocked, heat will not be transferred effectively, and the heat in the car will not be transferred out.

04. The cold air filter is blocked

There is another direct reason why the cooling effect of the air conditioner is poor. That is because the air filter is blocked and the air volume blown out of the air outlet is too small, so the driver feels that the cooling is not enough.

In addition, if the heat dissipation effect of the condenser in front of the water tank is not good, the auxiliary fan does not operate, and the condenser fins are blocked by dirt, etc., the liquefaction effect of the condensing agent will be deteriorated, and the cooling effect of the air conditioner will also be deteriorated.

The air conditioner smells, what's the matter?

In addition, many of our car owners reported that what happened to the strange smell when driving recently?

If this happens to your car, it is recommended to check these locations: air duct, air conditioning filter or evaporator.

01. Air conditioner filter element

This should be the object of our key investigation. We can know what it does when we look at its name. The filter element filters dirty things, which means that it will be very dirty if it is not replaced for a long time. unusual.

Recall when the air conditioner filter was replaced last time. If it has not been changed for a long time, it is basically because it has not run.

02. Evaporation box

If your air conditioner filter element is very new, but the air from the air conditioner still has a strange smell, then you have to consider whether it is the problem of the evaporator.

The air inlet of our vehicle's air conditioner is generally located behind the engine compartment, and the air is sucked into the car through the blower. However, due to the relatively large air intake, dirt such as leaves will enter the inside, so before the air actually enters the car, it needs to be filtered by the air conditioner filter, so that most of the dirt can be filtered.

If the cabin filter is not properly installed or damaged, dirt will pass through the cabin filter and enter the evaporator. Over time, these dirty things will mold and produce mold along with the dust and condensed water droplets in the evaporation box, resulting in odor.

If there is a problem with the evaporation box, it is usually accompanied by weakening of the wind, etc. It is more troublesome to check it yourself. It is recommended that you go to the repair shop and let the master use an endoscope to look at it. If it is dirty, it will not be dirty. wash.

03. Air-conditioning duct

If it still doesn't work after cleaning the evaporator, then you have to consider whether it is the "trachea" of the air conditioner, that is, the air duct of the air conditioner needs to be cleaned. This is something you can do yourself if you don't mind the hassle.

First of all, buy a bottle of air conditioner cleaning agent on the Internet. After finishing it according to the instructions, adjust the air volume of the air conditioner in the car to the maximum and adjust it to the outer circulation. Remember not to turn on the compressor! (A/C switch).

Next, find the place where the air conditioner filter element is placed and remove the filter element, and then spray the prepared cleaning agent on the filter element. Finally, let the air conditioner turn on for ten minutes after spraying, and then carry out "aftermath treatment".