What should I do if the cooling effect of the car air conditioner is not obvious? How to solve the poor cooling effect of automobile air conditioner

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When our car owners drive in summer, it is very common to turn on the air conditioner, so what should we do when the cooling effect of the car air conditioner is not good? In fact, there are many reasons for the poor cooling effect of automobile air conditioners. According to different reasons, corresponding solutions can be adopted to solve the problem of poor cooling of the air conditioner.

There are usually several reasons for the poor cooling of the car air conditioner:

1. Insufficient refrigerant of automobile air conditioner: When the refrigerant of automobile air conditioner is insufficient, its working efficiency will be reduced, which makes our car owners feel that the cooling of air conditioner is not obvious.

2. Excessive accumulation of sundries in the condenser or water tank of the car air conditioner: When the sundries in these two places accumulate too much, it will affect the heat dissipation work of the air conditioner. It won't work properly because the temperature is too high.

3. The air conditioning filter of the car is clogged: before the wind of the car air conditioner is blown into the car, it needs to be filtered by the air conditioning filter to prevent debris from being blown into the car with the wind. If the air conditioner filter of the car has been used for a long time and has not been replaced, the sundries accumulated on it will prevent the air conditioner from blowing into the car, resulting in poor cooling effect in the car.


When the above three reasons lead to poor cooling of the air conditioner, the solutions are as follows:

1. When the refrigerant is insufficient, the car owner can choose to refill by himself or go to a 4S shop to refill. If you fill it yourself, you need a special tool, otherwise you can only go to a 4S shop or a professional repair shop to fill it. Although the cost of refilling at a 4S shop or repair shop will be higher, it can reduce the risk of refrigerant leakage, and car owners can choose according to their own conditions.

2. When there is a lot of sundries accumulated in the air conditioner condenser or water tank, spray the cleaner on it, then rinse slowly with clean water to wash off most of the sundries. It should be noted that during the flushing process, try to avoid water droplets splashing on the electric circuit of the vehicle to avoid damage.

3. The air conditioner filter is generally in the storage box of the co-pilot of the car. The owner only needs to open and remove it to replace it, but make sure that the air conditioner in the car is turned off during the replacement process.