What refrigerant is used in car air conditioners

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The choice of automobile air-conditioning refrigerant can be said to be the common sense of car owners. The selection of automobile refrigerant is a relatively complicated technical and economic issue. There are many factors to be considered. So how to choose an automobile air-conditioning refrigerant?

(1) Consider the nature of the air-conditioning refrigerant. According to the thermal properties, physical properties and chemical properties of the refrigerant, choose those refrigerants that are non-toxic, non-explosive, and non-combustible; the selected refrigerant should have good heat transfer, low resistance, and good compatibility with the materials used in the refrigeration system.

(2) Consider the type of compressor. Different refrigeration compressors work differently. The volumetric compressor increases the pressure of the refrigerant vapor by reducing the volume of the refrigerant vapor. Generally, a refrigerant with a large cooling capacity per unit volume is selected, such as R134a, R22, etc.

(3) Consider the requirements of environmental protection. Refrigerants that comply with national environmental protection regulations must be selected.

(4) Consider the requirements of refrigeration temperature. Depending on the refrigerant temperature and cooling conditions, high temperature (low pressure), medium temperature (medium pressure), and low temperature (high pressure) refrigerants are selected. Usually the standard evaporation temperature of the selected refrigerant is 10°C lower than the refrigeration temperature.

The cooling conditions and operating environment of the refrigeration device should also be considered when choosing an automotive refrigerant. The condensing pressure during operation should not exceed the value specified in the safe use conditions of the compressor. Automobile air conditioners can only use the air outside the car as the cooling medium, and factors such as air temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, and thermal radiation that affect it are all changing frequently. Its operating conditions determine that it can only use high-temperature (low-pressure) refrigerants. In the past R12 is selected, and Juhua R134a refrigerant is mostly used at present.

There are many types of refrigeration refrigerants in Guangzhou Dushi Industrial. With the advancement of science and technology, new refrigerants are constantly emerging to suit different refrigeration devices. The selection should be based on the specific situation and technical analysis should be carried out.

Warm reminder from CRR intercooler: There are many counterfeiting methods that are hard to guard against. Everyone should not be greedy for cheap purchases and must buy well-known big brands to avoid potential inferior refrigerants coming into contact with the compressor and damaging the compressor.... ..

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