The reason why the car air conditioner does not cool, the working principle and cleaning method of the car air conditioner

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Hot in summer and cold in winter, driving on the road, the last thing you want is that the car cannot be used when the car is empty, and the temperature will rise. What should I do if the car air cannot be cooled? And what is the reason why the car does not dissipate heat and what is the working principle of the car? do you know? If not, the following editor will take you to understand the knowledge of car air conditioner sounds!

How Car Empty Works

We need to know what parts the car air conditioner is made of. In fact, our car air conditioning system is composed of five parts: compressor, pipeline, condenser, dryer, and evaporator. Let me give you a brief introduction to the working principle of these components.

1. When you start the air conditioning system on your car, the compressor will start working first. The compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant into high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas, which is then discharged from the compressor.

2. Then it enters the condenser through the pipeline, and after cooling in the condenser, it becomes a high-temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant and then flows out.

3. The flowing high-temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant enters the drying chamber through the pipeline, and flows into the expansion valve to throttle after drying and filtering.

4. At this time, the state changes drastically, turning into a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid refrigerant, and then enters the evaporator. When it reaches the evaporator, it absorbs the heat of the air passing through the evaporator, reduces the temperature of the air, and blows out cold air, thereby producing a cooling effect.

It should be noted that this refrigeration process is cyclic. If the compressor stops working, the car air conditioning system will also stop working, and there will be no cooling effect.

The reason why the car is empty and cannot be cooled.

As we said above, because the air conditioning system of the vehicle runs in a cycle, if a certain link cannot operate normally, the air conditioning system of the vehicle will not produce cooling effect. So how can we find out the reason why the car can't cool down? We have to adjust the running state of the car when it is empty in order to make an accurate judgment.

1. HVAC valve and thermal control windshield switch status:

First of all, if the compression clutch cannot be effectively engaged, the blower fan is not working properly, and the condenser fan is not working, first check whether the HVAC valve and damper switch are normal, and then check the related electrical systems, such as relays, sensors, open circuit, short circuit, control unit, etc. .

2. The operating status of the compressor:

When the car is empty and won't cool, check for noise inside the compressor. If there is noise, it may be due to damaged internal parts.

Also, check for compressor clutch slippage.

3. The operating status of the condenser and its fan:

The other is to check whether the cooling fins of the condenser are covered with dust, because if the cooling fins of the condenser are covered with dust, its working efficiency will be reduced a lot.

Also, check that the condenser fan is running well.

4. State of refrigerant volume:

When checking the amount of refrigerant, it can be checked through the observation window. If you see a lot of bubbles, it means that the car's refrigerant is not enough for this long. In another case, pour water into the condenser, after cooling, if there is no foam after observation, it means that there is too much refrigerant.

In addition, check whether the connections and joints of various devices are oily. If there is, it means that there is refrigerant leakage within the service life, and it should be strengthened or replaced. This check can be checked with a special leak detector!

Adjustable cleaning method of car air conditioner

If the car is empty and used for a long time without cleaning, the people in the car will easily cause diseases! So for the health of you and your family, please be sure to clean your car regularly! The following is how to easily clean your car:

1. Buy a foam cleaning and disinfecting solution (empty household car cleaning agent) in the supermarket or car beauty shop.

2. Find a place with good air, open the front cover of the car, take out the empty partition of the air outlet in front of the co-pilot position, and open all the doors or windows.

3. Turn off the air conditioner (that is, refrigeration), use the external circulation air of the car, and adjust to a larger windshield. Then insert the catheter (matched) into the cleaning agent and shake vigorously. After shaking, spray the foam on the air intake in front of the passenger.

4. Prepare a piece of cloth at this time, and pay attention to the foaming at the air outlet. Dry the foam anytime with a cloth at the ready. After spraying the foam, let the air switch continue to run for about ten minutes, turn off the fan, and turn off the engine.

5. Open the drain pipe under the car to let the dirty water flow out. This completes the empty cleanup. Is not it simple? Go clean the car after reading it!


Those who drive frequently must pay attention. For the health of you and your family, you must regularly clean the air conditioner in the car! If you don't have the information to clean it yourself, go directly to the auto repair shop!

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