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The Function of Automotive Air Conditioning

1. Definition of air conditioning

"Air conditioning" is a very familiar term, because many workplaces and homes are equipped with air conditioners (referred to as air conditioning). Air conditioning is air conditioning. Air conditioning is to adjust the air temperature, humidity and freshness in a closed space, so that the air environment in the closed space can reach the most suitable state for human body.

2. Functions of Automotive Air Conditioning

Automotive air conditioning is an air conditioning system equipped on automobiles. Its function is to adjust the temperature, humidity and air freshness in automobiles, so as to improve the comfort of drivers and passengers in automobiles.

The automatic air conditioning system of modern automobiles has complete functions, including refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air temperature regulation, air purification and automatic air conditioning.

(1) The refrigeration function cools and dehumidifies the air inside the car or fresh air entering the car outside the car through the refrigeration system, so as to make the car "cool" and comfortable.

(2) The heating function is to heat and dehumidify the fresh air inside or outside the vehicle by the heating system, so as to make the interior of the vehicle "warm" and comfortable.

(3) Ventilation and air temperature regulating function ventilation system introduces fresh air outside the vehicle to achieve the purpose of ventilation and ventilation; air temperature regulating function is to organically mix cold air, hot air and fresh air to form an appropriate air supply to the vehicle.

(4) The air purification function removes dust and odor from the air entering the car through the air purification device, which makes the air inside the car clean. At present, the air-conditioning system used in ordinary cars usually does not have the function of air purification, or simply filters the dust. The air-conditioning system with relatively complete air purification function has more applications in some high-class cars or luxury buses.

(5) Automatic control function Modern automotive automatic air conditioning system can automatically realize the organic combination of refrigeration, heating and ventilation through the electronic control system of air conditioning. It can provide suitable air for cooling and heating, air volume and wind direction to the car, that is, it has the best control function of automatically carrying out all-season, omni-directional and multi-functional control of the car interior environment.