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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

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People-oriented, the pursuit of excellence

“Integrity, Innovation, performance, Harmony, Security”It reflects the value orientation of management decision-making and behavior of the company, and it is the unity of the organic whole. The integrity is the cornerstone, innovation is the power, the performance is the goal, the harmony is the guarantee.

Honesty: honesty and trustworthiness, true words and deeds.

The integrity is the basic requirement of the market economy to the enterprise, and the company regards the integrity as the foundation of the foundation, the foundation of development and the source of the credit.

Innovation: with the times and innovation.

Innovation is not only the unremitting driving force of enterprise development, but also the source of keeping the vitality of the company forever. The fundamental requirement of innovation is to embody the times, grasp the regularity and be creative. In accordance with the“Development should have new ideas, reform should have new breakthroughs, opening up to have new situation, various work to have new measures.”To improve the companyundefineds all-round innovation ability。

Performance: performance first, create excellence.

Performance is the final representation of all production and operation results of the enterprise, the most critical index for evaluating the development of the enterprise, and an important scale for measuring the contribution of units and employees. Each employee’s performance is the basis of the Company’s performance, and Qisheng Electric Appliance takes the performance as the combination point of realizing the personal value of the employees that reflects the social value and improves the enterprise value.

Harmony: unity and cooperation to create harmony.

Harmony is an important guarantee for the normal operation and continuous development of the company. The internal harmony creates the power of development, the existence of external harmony, and the development environment.

Safety: People-oriented, safety first.

The concept of safety is not only in line with the current reality, but also represents the long-term direction of the cultural concept. Safety is the premise for the company to create excellent, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.