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Corporate Culture

People-oriented, the pursuit of excellence

"Integrity, innovation, performance, harmony, security," epitomizes the value orientation Qinghong Trade management decision-making and behavior, is the organic unity of the whole. Where integrity is the cornerstone of innovation is the power, performance is the goal, harmony is guaranteed.

Honesty: Li-word, words really real line.

Honesty is the basic requirements of a market economy enterprises, Qinghong Trade as the integrity of the conduct of the source base development, credibility of.

Innovation: the times, blaze new trails.

Innovation is the relentless power of enterprise development, but also Qinghong Trade Vigorous Source. Innovation is the fundamental requirement of the times, follow the law, and be creative. According to "the development of new ideas, new breakthroughs in reform, opening up and take new initiatives" requirements, and strive to improve Qinghong Trade full range of innovative capabilities.

Performance: performance first, to create excellence.

Performance is the result of the production and operation of enterprises of all ultimate expression evaluation is the most critical indicators of business development, is an important measure of units and employees contributions. The performance of each employee constitute the basis of performance of the company, Qinghong trade performance as reflected in the social value and enhance enterprise value of individual workers to achieve integration point value.

Harmony: unity, cooperation, and create harmony.

Harmony is an important guarantee Qinghong Trade normal operation and sustainable development. Create a harmonious development of internal power, survival, development environment provided by external harmony.

Safety: people-oriented, safety first.

Safety philosophy is consistent with the current reality, they represent the long-term direction of cultural ideas. Security is excellent Qinghong trade creation, to achieve a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the premise.